Yamaha ATV ROV Kempsey

Yamaha ATV/ROV Kempsey

Why buy a Yamaha utility vehicle? The answer lies in a host of industry leading technologies that have been honed on farmsteads and trail parks around the globe. Technologies that make accessing remote rural areas a joy rather than a chore.

Unlike our sports range, we don’t design our utility vehicles to be the fastest in the paddock. We design them to be the toughest in the paddock. Real World Tough. All our vehicles are made with this philosophy to deliver unparalleled capability, comfort and confidence.

Yamaha’s unique utility advantage starts with our industry leading Ultramatic drive system. Ultramatic allows you to be in full control of your Yamaha and there simply isn’t a better way to get power to the ground when a big workload beckons. Our benefits continue with supreme build quality and low maintenance that has led to an unrivalled reputation for dependability with Aussie farmers.

This combination of high performance, low maintenance and long term reliability means less downtime from work, which in turn lowers the cost of ownership – a big factor for many owners.

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